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KB Glutathione Launch Draws Near

I love KB - KB Glutathione Launch Draws Near

After suffering several setbacks and delays, the ad and promo campaign of Kyusoku Bihaku L-Glutathione plus NAC and
Pure Rosehips Viyamin C is set to commence within the next few weeks. The planning, which took at least several months,
has reached its final stages with only a few more links needing to be ironed out. This will mark the first time that
Kyusoku Bihaku, or KB as referred to by users, will be formally launched into the mainstream glutathione market.
The KB glutathione brand has been in existence for several years but has maintained a low-profile. With only a few
distributors date, KB has been one of the best kept secrets known only users who have remained loyal since the first batch of KB rolled from the production line.
Through the years, KB has continuously evolved in order to keep up with the latest and best glutathione formulation,consistently setting the standard in glutathione quality. KB glutathione started out as a single, 30 500mg capsule bottle,thereafter another bottle of rosehips supplement was added as a set and more recently innovating with the best glutathione booster yet, NAC (N-Acetyl L-Cysteine) to its formula.
As demand for more KB sets continue to increase in the pasr several months, the KB group has decided to enter the
mainstream oral-glutahione industry via an ad and promo campaign to attract more distributors and expand the KB consumer base.

Moreover, the launch also aims to educate glutathione users about the product, to debunk myths and expose lies propagated by pseudo-glutathione traders and to provide the best oral glutathione supplement in the market today.

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