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KB moves in to a bigger satellite office, upgrades marketing strategies

The story behind the bottles, the boxes and the new blister packaging
We are saddened by the news our distributor in KB Indonesia shared that the satellite office in Ortigas Center Pasig City Philippines was forcedly closed for
some anomalous case its facing with a certain client.
We would like to clarify for the benefit of our loyal clients and to the consumers who are affected by this news that first,
WE DO NOT HAVE A CASE. We passed government standards and we are legally approved by Food and Drug Administration
the one responsible for the filtering of goods in the market. Second, WE ARE STILL OPERATING.
Last month, KB Philippines finished the contract with 1001 Manila Luxury Condominium and after six years of stay,
moved in to Greenrich Mansion Building in Ortigas Pasig City for a bigger space. This office is the satellite/subhead next
to the main office in Makati City. In order to serve clients better, the management decided to have a major renovation of the area which affected telephone
and internet lines. But to make sure relations with consumers are still intact and continuous, hotline (09178005836)
never stops entertaining order and inquiry requests.As a matter of fact, marketing strategies are also hyped up through
our blogger partnerships and tie-up events which almost reached 50 since end of June.
We are proud to reiterate also that neophyte artists in showbizness endorsed our products voluntarily because it is
effective to them. We have a saying that in order to say more, one should talk less and do more. Maybe this is the reason
why bashers keep on attacking us below the belt by sending malevolent gossips and veering our clients away from us
through certain strategies that we are unaware of. The company is more of a silent doer than an image wrecker.
Before and up to now, we do believe that karma will knock not only once but twice to those people who are wishing to put
us down and instead of clearing them, we decided to spend our time enriching our products and industry ties.
We assure more than a hundred percent that by the light God given us and by the trust our clients proudly bestowed,
we will only focus on the positive side and will still operate until clients need us.

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