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Betadine test, glutathione, KB

I love KB - Betadine test, glutathione, KB
The Truth Behind Glutathione and Betadine Test

Many people are going crazy about having a test of Glutathione using betadine to check its effectiveness. Well, here we go again, explaining the people the truth  and misconceptions about glutathione. 

As we go along, we also want to reiterate that KB, our banner product, is much more of a glutathione buttressed by evidence of us using the tagline "Better than Glutathione". As a matter of fact, we've been explaining that glutathione is produced by your own cells since 2009 and KB is not a glutathione reduced form but a composition of 3 amino acids which are glutamic, glycine and cysteine. KB has undergone extensive research, clinically and industrially, that it would take time to explain how we came up with our unique and better than glutathione formula. 

The composition of "KB L-Glutathione plus NAC" (Glutanac) which has a former name in the market as "Glutathione Activator plus NAC" constitutes little amount of excipients. Excipients are actually normal. It is needed in the formula to avoid chemical reactions of ingredients. Sometimes it becomes useless if you put the product in a heat temperature because the raw materials are so strong that it can melt its capsule easily but no need to worry as long as the powder is white and did not turn into yellow it means that the raw materials are still in high quality mode and not oxidized. 

Now, lets talk about some of the products in the market which claim that they have more than 5 active ingredients and yet their products became clear when tested with betadine.  Come on! Do not be amazed with that because what they are introducing to you is NOT true. Having a composition of more than 5 with claims such as rosehips, CoQ10, Collagen, Sodium Ascorbate, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Grapeseed Extract etc will NOT give you a clear result when you test it with betadine it is because they are NOT same biological composition - in short they are coming from  different plants origin that cannot be combined to each other which result to MILKY WHITE result. Remember Glutathione and 3 amino acids are one family even you combine other amino acids or even N-acetyl cysteine they are all in one form of amino acids and all raw materials are all in crystallised white powder form while rosehips is a golden brown orange, Coq10 is somewhat similar with turmeric color like yellow orange,  this one will already tell you that when you use this to test betadine this will not result to a clear water. 

This indicates that when someone claims that the result of these 5 ingredients when combined to a betadine will give you clear as water result, it is possible that it is really glutathione but other substances are not real.

Lastly, there are some cases as well that the capsule melt due to hot temperature or above 20 degrees by its active ingredients it only means that this is too much of active ingredients that the excipients ( or what we called starch, rice brand , magnesium stearate are not enough)  well do not be worry, if the powder is white it means that the ingredients are in the highest quality however if the powder becomes yellow then it means its already oxidized or useless. 

Again, always remember if the product label claims more than 5, the result must be milky powder but if it is as the 3 amino acids with some other amino acid  then betadine 


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