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KB Gold Premium Soap is the most expensive soap in the market. Fact. But like any other issues, there’s no such thing as expensive if it’s reciprocated well.
Because in every life’s aspects, equality of price and quality is the principle that should be taken into consideration.

This article is to create line between regular soap and KB Gold Premium Soap and everything that defines REAL EXPENSIVE;which might help you decide what to choose among the wide array of choices in the market today

Why level up?
With the kind of advanced setting people have nowadays, changes become crucial, normal innuendos are leveled-up, normal trend are turned into a more holistic approach and people find various ways to be in parallel with the adjustments. Personal appearance became the source of confidence which is the key to a more fruitful life.
And industries that take care of the outer faccedilade cannot stop but to think of better ways to provide people products imbibed of eminence.
For example, soaps are now converted into a more conventional one for a more life-changing effect.

Regular soap vs. KB gold premium soap
The usual, soaps relatively have two flag ingredients and will promise consumers a mild, anti-bacterial, and scented formula which is ideal and gentle for everyday use. The normal advertisements will say that using it is the safest, easiest and cheapest way for skin, and in the process jeopardized soaps that contain three or more active ingredients and those that are quite pricey.

KB Gold Premium Soap having bagged the top five active ingredients in the skin care industry today, is an FDA and HALAL-approved formula. It continuously creates hysteria to people who want to create change every day because it is its efficiency that dictates its overwhelming run in the market . Quality and price-wise, yes it isexpensive. But taking some quality time to read and consider its ingredients will clarify the misconception.

1st Collagen 
2nd Soybean Extract / Vitamin C Rosehips
3th Hyaluronic Acid (HA)
4th Alpha-Arbutin
5th Kojic Acid

The more potent than glutathione placenta extract came from prudent study and has undergone methods using the most advanced technology. Has been shown to be an excellent aid for medicinal cases, placenta extract has been proven also as a good ingredient to revitalize skin making it smoother and younger-looking. This as the main ingredient has been recognized for its amazing anti-aging properties acknowledged by the Japanese Ministry of Health and Labor as safe, effective, and with no side effects. The abundant nutrients found in it help in improving skin texture, color, while diminishes wrinkles and pore size of the skin.

The most natural and safest way in skin bleaching, both substances are found to have radiance-enhancing abilities– making the skin lighter and more even out, minus the brown spots. Expert dermatologists also backed the unmatched formulation of KB soap with its ph balance, long-lasting, and revitalizing floral fragrance which keeps the skin refreshed. The product is also marked by its European standards of soap quality, good for both face and body.

Some people banter conventional soaps with skin whitening properties as bad for sensitive skin. This is the reason Soybean Extract was added to the blend. It is the good source of Vitamin C and antioxidant that delays ageing and promotes moisturized and smooth skin. The unique features of soya stimulate collagen production which makes the skin supple and elastic.

The natural substance Hyaluronic Acid (HA), meanwhile, has been proven to have powerful healing and hydrating properties, especially on skin tissues while Vitamin C Rosehips has long been used to treat scars and to revitalize the skin giving it a rosy, pinkish glow.

The formula has has 99% Alpha Arbutin content and Kojic Acid. The use of Alpha Arbutin is widely recognized in the cosmetic industry as the fastest and safest way to a whiter complexion while Kojic Acid itself is a powerful skin whitening agent.
True enough, KB Gold Premium Soap is pricey in terms of quality and price but withstanding every single component means that it is definitely worth it.
If you are the consumer that wants to experience a whiter, smoother and younger-looking skin in a sure ball way, KB Gold Premium Soap is definitely the right soap for you.


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