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A MUST-HAVE ITEM IN YOUR BEAUTY REGIMEN KB ROSEHIPS plus KB GLUTANAC For many generations the Mayans, the Egyptians and the Native Americans have benefitted from the medicinal properties of rose hips – the fruit of wild rose species native to Europe, northwest Africa and western Asia. Rosa canina and Rosa gallica are the two types of rose bush most often cultivated for their hips;...

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If you want a healthy and glowing skin, you can never go wrong with KB L-Glutathione ... Read More

I love KB - KB Beauty pack

KB Beauty pack

Have you ever wondered why your reduced glutathione is not effective when you take them orally? It is because reduced glutathione is a very sensitive compound. This is the reason why all reduced glutathione in Japan are in tablet form and not in capsule form. Also dosage in Japan is only 50mg to 100mg of reduced glutathione.KB Glutathione Activator before and now as KB L Glutathione...

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I love KB - KB Collagen

KB Collagen

AGE FAST, AGE SLOW , IT'S UP TO YOU KB COLLAGEN PROMO buy 3 bottles for 1500Everyone wants to be forever young but beginning the age of 30, women sadly start losing their youthful look and their usual beauty regimen of facial cleanser, toner, day and night cream may no longer give them the glow that they want. Why? Collagen which is responsible in keeping the skin firm diminishes as...

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I love KB - Beauty from Within

Beauty from Within

Get the complete KB Beauty Package for a fair skin that glows within!3 bottles of KB collagen (30 tablets per bottle)1 month supply of KB Glutanac plus RosehipsFREE 1 KB LotionApproved by the FDA, Halal and IPO trademarks to protect its own active ingredients.The Highest Quality and yet cheapest in the Market giving you all the clinical trials for its active ingredients.If your skin...

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I love KB - KB Skin Whitening Lotion says I have SPF30

KB Skin Whitening Lotion says I have SPF30

It's summer! Ever been in the situation where everybody in the beach expose their bodies but you are sitting in a corner hiding just because you don’t want your skin to be darkenedDo you know that our KB Skin Whitening Lotion has Sun-Protecting Factor reaching to 30 to protect your skin from scorching heat of the sun while maintaining its whitening properties?...

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Alpha-Arbutin is derived from pure forms of Arbutin came from leaves of bearberry, ... Read More

Are you ready for the flu and cold season?

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