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Karen Tifanny Generoso

Super love ko talaga tong SnL Dietary Suppelement and KB Silver Soap dito lang ako hiyang. Try nyo mga bessy!!

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Yesha Alto

This past few weeks puro kain ginawa ko haha so I gained weight and it sucks, then I tried this SnL Dietary Supplement nabawasan naman ang timbang ko. Same with KB Silver Soap nakaka-fresh ng skin. 

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Tania Santos

Yung napaka effective nya! Mapapa-wow ka nalang talaga...

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Anne Magno

#KBGlowLikeAStar #KBGlutathione

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Ishin Ly

Besh ! Ito talaga ang pinakagusto ko dahil nag glow and pinkish ang skin ko...


Instagram: senorita_kish


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Trisha Jash F. Nime

Hi Loves. I just want to share this two of the best product na natry ko...


Instagram: nazrenegutz

#KB #GlowLikeAStar

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Charlotte Angela Caparas Hermosa

Glowing skin is always <3

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Janica Reloxe

Thanks to KB for giving me that natural glow and fresh looking skin I've always wanted...

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Ann Stockton

We should protect and love our skin.

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Nichole Ann Barot

Almost bedtime. Thankyou KB for my KB L-Glutathione Plus NAC and KB Dermafirm for keeping me fresh and glowing all day long.

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Kate Pascual

As for my sensitive, acne-prone skin I do prefer gels to remove dead skin & brighten my face. I've used so many peeling gels before but my skin reacted so bad. Until this made my face soft like baby's butt + brightens me up instantly because of its vit.C

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Nicole S. Belarmino

SUN'S OUT! Took the KB Soap to my Cebu Getaway! to protect my skin from the heat and radiance of the sun, yet still enjoy the adventure that awaits whenver. Been using this product for a week now and instant results show, perfect for all skin types if you want to achieve that natural glow, try it now.

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Kimberlee Si Arcillas

Thanks to these beauty products that helps me improve and take care of my skin and body.

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Grace Tac-an

1 week guarantee and you'll see the difference in your skin! 

Glory Labor.jpg

Glory Labor

I was one of those girls who longed for fairer skin, KB L-Glutathione is really effective and it works in the sphere of pigmentation of my skin...

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Divine Murillo

Our body's collagen production naturally begins to slow down as we age. A boost in collagen may help increase our metabolism by adding up lean muscle mass and helps in conversion of essential nutrients. #MejieCoffee

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Chari Cristine Lizarondo

Thank you KB Gluta for taking care of my skin. 

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KB User

If you want healthy, whiter and glowing skin... You can trust my brand KB L-Glutathione Plus NAC. Proven na mga mamshi!!! Lakas maka fresh nito. 

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Janine Marquez Pascual

#asianskymall #kbgluta #kbasianmagiccream

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Julie Ann Maraasin

Daming nag ask ano daw yung ginagamit ko bakit daw kumikinang kinang ako....

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KB User


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Cate Tobias


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Kay Shivaun

A quick and nourishing skin care for a busy me, just to keep my skin balanced smooth and beautiful. My perfect combination from my favorite brand. Thank you so much KB Collagen Supplement & KB L-Glutathione.

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Georgina Fortalejo

You want to know my secret? #KB Thankyou KB for taking care of my skin #KBUser #KBSoap


Kiel Marc

Want to know my secret for a healthy and smooth hair? 
Use ikumou Shampoo!


KB with Glory

Very Effective 


KB with Revi



KB with Candy

KB real people. KB real user. 



It is completely all natural unlike sa ibang Vitamin C na chemically process...



You can see the results in 2 weeks, maggo-glow yung skin mo, feeling fresh ka.



Super affordable and effective pa.



Sa KB lang talaga nag smoothen and nag-lighten yung skin ko


Mikha Apostol

Naging glowing ang skin ko.



Kini-keep nya yung skin ko na maging healthy.



I've been using it everyday talagang naging glowing yung skin ko naging healthy pa.



I'm using KB Collagen at KB Premium Soap for my skin.


Yanna Alejo

In just two weeks I could see the results


Aizel Segovia

Sa KB within 2 weeks nakita ko na talaga na nag-glow yung skin ko



It's natural and mas naging healthy ako.