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carmen radcliffe.jpg

Carmen Radcliffe


The secret is out! Beautiful SKIN, beautiful you. Thanks KB Beauty Pack for my healthy, youthful and glowing skin!

Magie San Andres.jpg

Magie San Andres


Hi everyone! I just want to share my secret why I have a healthy and glowing skin kahit na pagod sa at puyat sa events. Its because of my KB Beauty Pack...

Tammy Lumanglas.jpg

Tammy Lumanglas


A lot of my friends are saying my skin is glowing. Wanna know my secert? Kahit na araw araw stressful sa events and work and puyat, because of the KB Shop White Glutathione Plus, maintained and glow inside and out...

Ma Andrea Asignacion Mendiola.jpg

Ma Andrea Asignacion Mendiola


Hi loves! Wanna know my secret to lighten my pinmple marks? It's KB Dermafirm Vitamin C Peeling Gel Skin Whitening. Eto na talaga ako sagot mga love!...

Aj Ocampo.jpg

Aj Ocampo


Do you know whats my secret for healthy and glowing skin? Here it is. My KB Beauty Pack. It contains L-Glutathione plus NAC and rosehips good for 1 month, 3 bottles of KB Collagen and KB Lotion..

Lorgil Maq.jpg

Lorgil Maq


The best foundation you can wear is healthy glowing skin! Taking care of your skin is more important than covering it up..

Kimberly Ancheta Baculi.jpg

Kimberly Ancheta Baculi


Because sharing is caring. I wanted to share with you the product I am using that makes my skin fresh and glowy everyday. It is no other than My KB Beauty Pack. No matter how tired I am at work, I do not look stress because of the natural glow that KB Products give me all the time...

Nikka Vee.jpg

Nikka Vee


Wanna know my secret? As a satisfied user, I'm now sharing this fabulous product from KB for my radian skin! For a glowing and youthful look 24/7 use the KB Shop White Glutathione Plus!

Ace Luna.jpg

Ace Luna


Here's my secret for my healthy and glowing skin! The #KBBeautyPack. Yes you read it right! I'm inlove with #KBProducts now...

Tricia Rose Dominico.jpg

Tricia Rose Dominico


Thank you KB Dermafirm Vitamin C Peeling Gel Skin Whitening for helping me boost my confidence again. This product make my pimple marks and skin lighten...

Collyn Queaño.jpg

Collyn Queaño


Alagang KB. Always been a fan of KB products! I'm lovin' it. For glowing and healthy skin? Try the KB Beauty Pack! Inside contains KB L-Glutathione plus NAC and Rosehips (good for 1 month) 3 botlles of KB Collagen and 1 Premium Whitening Lotion.

Diane Perez.jpg

Diane Perez


You can now selfie anytime, anywhere! With KB Glutathione Plus NAC for whitening and KB Collagen to protect my skin. Have a fresh, smooth white and healthy glowing skin instantly...

Tina Kimura.jpg

Tina Kimura


When you feel Positive All Day! & noticed my skin become brighter and younger. Thank you KB shop White Glutathione Plus for my pinkish glowing skin...

Micah Sonserei Pantoja.jpg

Micah Sonserei Pantoja


Sharing is caring <3 Kahit no make up and nasa bahay lang ako, looking fresh and glowing pa rin. Thanks to KB Dermafirm Peeling Gel with Vitamin C...

Marv Flores2.jpg

Marv Flores


Hi everyone! I just wanna share you that ever since I've started taking The KB Shop White Glutathione Plus my family and friends noticed that my skin is glowing and also it looks younger and healthier!

Joan Cuizon.jpg

Joan Cuizon


People often ask me "bakit ka pumuputi tapos wala kang pimples?" It's because I use KB's Asian Magic Cream and White Glutathione Plus with L-Glutamic Acid to keep my complexion rosy white & acne free! 

Athena Louise Baetlong.jpg

Athena Louise Baetlong


Want to know the secret to my slim body and flawless skin? Now, I'll reveal it to you! I really love my newly discovered products. As in! Bago ko palang nagagamit pero kita agad yung effect. It makes my skin softer, smooth and glowing....

Zelle Perez.jpg

Zelle Perez


The truth is, the world never grants free beauty maintenance. So now I will reveal my secret, I never wanted white skin as I love my morena aura. But I decided to bite the bullet because I found out that Glutathione is a very powerful antioxidant to give you that glow...

Kirk Stewart.jpg

Kirk Stewart


Thank you for making me Glow for years. One of the brands that I trust. Certified #KB user <3

Marga Marco.jpg

Marga Marco


Thank you @kb_whitening for sending these goodies. Excited to try it! <3 #ilovekb