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Carmela Capco


KB family for 3 years. My everyday essentials. Proven and tested KB Whitening Products. Thank you so much for keeping my skin healthy and glowing.

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Ranz Harley


Beautiful skin requires commitment not a miracle. Thank you KB for making my skin that glows from within! KB Skin Whitening Brand 

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Joan Neria


Found a better partner for pampering myself on a busy day. Just take 1 capsule of this Slim n' Light Dietary Supplement before having your breakfast. Then, put on some KB Premium Whitening Body Lotion to moisturize your skin and you're good to go.

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Maiko Pablo


Sharing is caring, everyone's asking me about how to achieve fair skin. Here is what you need you use. It helps me get that glowing skin 24/7! White Glutathione Plus 1000mg (60caps) and also this Asian Magic Cream is a multi purpose cream, which helps me get rid of the scars, pimples and most especially those pesky insect bites.

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Frances Angelique Lao


I woke up like this and I thought I should share my secret. Here's a way to look all natural without make up. I'm not a fan of Glutathione or any whitening product before, because I simply love my morena skin. But a lot of people's diet lack much needed vitamins, minerals and amino acids. I just started using these incredible products and I've noticed the instant glow.

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Rocxzie Moreno Sanico


Wanna know my secret for healthy and glowing skin? eto talaga yun eh! Thank you KB for my oral L-Glutathione Plus NAC & rosehips and for my KB LOTION. super nakakarefresh and effective talaga! I feel more beautiful and blooming everyday.

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Jemary Sebastian


My new bestfriend!!! I'm so inlove with KB L-Glutathione Plus NAC 1000mg and KB Premium Whitening Body Lotion. <3 Best combination of all. They give my skin perfect glow I've ever wanted. Try it now and get the skin you've dreaming of. 


Keiko Necesario


Grateful for those who love me enough to help out with my music and with....




I've been reading some nice feedback about @kb_whitening saying that their products are effective in lightening the skin. Have you tried them before? I'd like to try them too and see what the hype is all about!


Rachel Ann Daquis


Korean Products from @asianskymall.com.ph

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Joice Chavez


Thank you kb whitening lotion and premium soap for giving me soft and fresh skin everyday! And now i can wear a great smile everytime using teeth whitening pen Awesome <3 <3 <3 #ilovekb

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Jeanne Lucero


"Glowing skin is always in!"
Thank you KB Skin Whitening Brand for taking care my skin inside and out! <3 #iloveKB

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Chin Opulencia


Hi girls! wanna be flawless and have a healthy skin? I've been trying a lot of whitening product and skincare for almost a year now kasi super nahilig talaga ako sa skin care, gusto ko yung goal na liptint and eyebrow lang sana everytime na aalis ng bahay or bago pumasok sa work...

Ria Angelique Peña Siozon.jpg

Ria Angelique Peña Siozon


Been busy lately and feel a bit stress on my skin, but no worries coz KB skin got me! It helps me to maintain, protect and lightens my skin that gives me a glow without any doubt... Reveal your own glow with KB @kb_whitening #ilovekb

Jho Ann Sotelo.jpg

Jho Ann Sotelo


Because sharing is caring... :*
Eto na mga labs my secret for having a healthy, whiter & glowing skin. Thank you so much KB Skin Whitening Brand. Im using KB L-Glutathione Plus NAC, KB Rosehips Food Supplements & KB Alpha Arbutin Soap. My perfect combo yey! #ilovekb




KB do you love me? Are you riding... cause I wantya and i needya... #ilovekb beauty from within #beauty #health #skincare #kb_whitening

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Phantasm Darkstar


Been using this for years already and it has never failed me. I maintain my fair glowing skin with KB products. Thank you KB Skin Whitening Brand <3 #iLoveKB #KBglowingKa




Always an essential part of my skincare. 
Thank you @kb_whitening for sending me my usual supply of Premium Whitening Body Lotion, Vitamin C Peeling Gel and Rosehips capsules #iloveKB

Jc Ann Sotelo.jpg

Jc Ann Soteto


I went to the beach last last week so i had to get my skin fair again :) Thankful for KB Skin Whitening Brand for sending me your products. Excited to use it! Balik fresh na ulit after my beach get away. #ilovekb

Patricia Reyes.jpg

Patricia Reyes


Sharing my secret for having a white glowing skin. I'm using @kb_whitening Glutathione Plus NAC and KB Collagen everyday for 2 months now! <3 ikaw papahuli ka pa ba? MagKB ka na! #ILoveKB KB Skin Whitening Brand