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GwenStefani C. Ular.jpg

GwenStefani C. Ular


Wanna know my secret? This is it loves! I'm gonna share it to you... I'm using KB White Glutathione plus, that gives me a flawless and youthful skin kahit everyday akong puyat. And the only whitening soap with anti aging effect that I'm using is the KB Gold Premium Soap. Feel your glow and let your beauty shine with KB Skin Whitening Brand...

Gladys Balderama.jpg

Gladys Balderama


My current fave! <3 Been using KB Premium Whitening Body Lotion for a month now and I'm lovin' the result. And I also tried KB Rosehips and KB L-Glutathione plus NAC and it's very effective. First time to try gluta caps but this one is perf for me...

Stephanie Jean Monce.jpg

Stephanie Jean Monce


Always had a fair complexion ever since, never really tried creams or lotions not until this one! Been super into asian cosmetics products lately and I gotta say I could also see great results in just a short matter of time. Perfect for maintaining for my fair skin...

Cher Tolentino Barnacha.jpg

Cher Tolentino Barnacha


Thank you so much KB Premium whitening lotion for keeping my skin moisturized, glowing and healthy.. Thanks also to SnL Dietary Supplement for keeping me fit especially when I don't have time to go to gym!!

Roselyn Anne Cortez Ng.jpg

Roselyn Anne Cortez Ng


Don't let the heat and UV rays dull your skin! Help your skin restore its vitality, texture, glow and moisture with KB Silver Soap and White Glutathione Plus 1000mg (60 caps) It helps keep my skin at it most youthful stage, formulated with only natural ingredients, you are surely in for glow that is from within...

Julia Ashley Tong.jpg

Julia Ashley Tong


Madami nagaask saakin why my skin always blooming? Eto ang sagot ko sa inyo tsaka bakit ang puti ko pero maputi na talaga ako but my skin maintain my blooming redish skin this is my answer gumagamit lang naman ako ng L-Glutathione acid. Thank you for this Glutathione for always blooming my skin kahit puyat ako...

Collyn Queaño.jpg

Collyn Queaño


Thank you KB family for my KB Silver Soap and White Glutathione Plus 1000mg 60capsules!! I'm really inlove with these two. I've been using it for almost a month now and I can already see the results...

Lorgil Maq.jpg

Lorgil Maq


Hi guys! I just wanna share a newly discovered secret KB L-Glutathione, its very nice and healthy because it contains NAC, Rosehips and Vitamin C capsule. Its so great that even having a very hectic schedule and kahit walang sleep blooming padin...

Ace Luna.jpg

Ace Luna


Hey guys! I just wanna share you my newly discovered beauty regimen. The combination of KB L-Glutathione plus NAC and Rosehips Vit. C helps my skin glow and lighten after several days of use. Plus the power of KB Premium Whitening Body Lotion with instant bright and deep moisturizing effect for my dry skin...

Katy McBurney.jpg

Katy McBurney


Outdoor schedules, summer trips and even commuting darkens the skin because we get exposed to dirt and pollution, and the heat of the sun as well. KB Silver Soap and SnL Supplement will definitely give you skin protection and natural glow that you've always wanted...

Manica Rikiza Lavigne.jpg

Manica Rakiza Lavigne


Start your day with our KB Soap. It brightens and smoothens your skin with our KB Silver Soap. For perfect whitening and younger looking skin, try our KB Alpha Arbutin Silver...

Nikka Vee.jpg

Nikka Vee


Everyone's been raving about how to achieve fair skin! Here is what you need to use! I've been using this product for months and it helps me get that glowing skin 24/7...

Ira Valenzuela.jpg

Ira Valenzuela


Thank you so much KB for keeping my skin glow as always! Say goodbye to your dull skin because KB Soap and KB White Glutathione Plus will definitely help you whiten your skin...

Danica Diaz.jpg

Danica Diaz


Hi guys! Sa mga nag tatanong kung bakit ako payat eto na po talaga yun :D try nyo guys ang SnL Dietary Supplement to become slim and light! And to have natural glow skin try the KB Silver effective po siya.

Shaira Mae Malabanan.jpg

Shaira Mae Malabanan


This is it! super effective kaya di ako nagsisi :) #SnL for my Dietary Supplement dahil dito pumayat ulit ako and #KB for my new favorite whitening lotion na halos everyday kong ginagamit na nakakawala ng dry skin kaya super love ko to <3 hindi lang nakakwala ng dry skin nakaka smooth and nakaka moisturized na din.

Ashra Chua.jpg

Ashra Chua


Hi mga momsh, gusto ko lang ishare tong latest discovery ko na products from KB Cosmetics. 2 weeks ko palang sila nagagamit pero kita mo na agad effect sa skin. Lalo na tong Premium Whitening Lotion at L-Glutathione  Plus capsules nila. Halos no need for make up mga momsh.

LiNde Garcia.jpg

LiNde Garcia


Would like to thank White Glutathione plus and KB silver soap for giving me fair looking and natural glowing skin even when i'm i a tour or trip for my wanderlust and travel goals. Super effective for me, Giving me radiant looking skin even under the sun.

Ma Cristina Arian Tokong.jpg

Ma Cristina Arian Tokong


I just want to share my secret for a white glowing skin. It's not only because my skin is white its also glowing and radiant looking. Kahit pagod and walang ayos im always on the go sa mga photoshoot events without looking haggard.

Aj Ocampo.jpg

Aj Ocampo


Definitely a must-have on your daily skin care regimen! KB Silver and SNL Dietary Supplement. To maintain a pure and fair skin plus a sexy figure. If you want to achieve that natural glow and sexy body try it now. Super effective!

Shobe Emiko Tan.jpg

Shobe Emiko Tan


I really love this product <3 ung sabon grabe nakaka light sa skin and pwede siya sa mga sensitive skin like me, lalo na ung capsule kasi nakakaputi siya at the same time may effect na nakakapayat.