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Kimberly Placido.jpg

Kimberly Placido


Feeling fresh with KB.

Aimi Tan.jpg

Aimi Tan


What's the secret of getting old yet looking young? Haha char! Stay young, healthy and fresh. Haha! Thanks KB, forever sweet 16! 

Crizelda Roberts.jpg

Crizelda Roberts


One of  the most trusted brands when it comes to beauty and skincare! Thank you for my Premium Whitening Lotion, L-Glutathione NAC and Magic Cream! No need for heavy makeup or filters when you have skin that's healthy and glowing.

Janny Medina.jpg

Janny Medina


Before going to sleep i want to share another thing that help my skin glow not just from the outside but also inside ^^ KB Glutathione capsule and alpha arbutin soap <3

RJ Ayi.jpg

RJ Ayi


Working as a Radio DJ and (full time)  in an office is not a joke, staying up for like a wholeday is not also okay lalo na sa skin BUT thank you so much #KB for helping my skin to overcome the pagod and stress everyday

Angelika Marie.jpg

Angelika Marie


Thankyou so much KB Gluta for taking care of my skin and giving me a rosy white glow kahit pagod at puyat sa work and it also nice that it is not only glutathione but it also has rosehips vitamin c capsules.

Kerzy Ann.jpg

Kerzy Ann


Hello everyone! <3 Sa mga nagtatanong anong gamit ko pampaputi, eto napo. Im using KB products, na talagang nakakafresh at nakakaglow ng skin like my skin. Try nyo guys! I love it.

Reigny Bels.jpg

Reigny Bels


Ang sikreto nang kahit anong pagod at puyat paggising ko ang FRESH ko parin? KB Products yan! Thank you for keeping my skin healthy and young looking! <3

Iyah Sanchez.jpg

Iyah Sanchez


#KB #KBGluta #GlowLikeAStar #KBWhiteningLotion

Karen Tiffany C. Generoso.jpg

Karen Tifanny Generoso


Super love ko talaga tong SnL Dietary Suppelement and KB Silver Soap dito lang ako hiyang. Try nyo mga bessy!!

Yesha Alto.jpg

Yesha Alto


This past few weeks puro kain ginawa ko haha so I gained weight and it sucks, then I tried this SnL Dietary Supplement nabawasan naman ang timbang ko. Same with KB Silver Soap nakaka-fresh ng skin. 

Tania Santos.jpg

Tania Santos


Yung napaka effective nya! Mapapa-wow ka nalang talaga...

Anne Magno.jpg

Anne Magno


#KBGlowLikeAStar #KBGlutathione

Ishin Ly.jpg

Ishin Ly


Besh ! Ito talaga ang pinakagusto ko dahil nag glow and pinkish ang skin ko...


Instagram: senorita_kish



Trisha Jash F. Nime.jpg

Trisha Jash F. Nime


Hi Loves. I just want to share this two of the best product na natry ko...


Instagram: nazrenegutz


#KB #GlowLikeAStar

Charlotte Angela Caparas Hermosa.jpg

Charlotte Angela Caparas Hermosa


Glowing skin is always <3

Janica Reloxe.jpg

Janica Reloxe


Thanks to KB for giving me that natural glow and fresh looking skin I've always wanted...

Anne Stockton.jpg

Ann Stockton


We should protect and love our skin.